Flowing Hair Half Dollar Specifications

As required under the Coinage Act of 1792, the Flowing Hair Half Dollars were struck with a composition of 89.24% silver and 10.76% copper. The coins have an approximate weight of 13.48 grams or 208 grains and a diameter of 32.5 mm.

Slight variations in weight may occur from coin to coin as a result of the imprecise methods of adjustment made to the planchets before striking. Underweight planchets were given silver plugs to increase the weight, while overweight planchets lightly filed to reduce the weight. These plugs or adjustment marks generally do not detract from the value of the coin since they are considered part of the minting process.

Virtually all Flowing Hair Half Dollars will be found weakly struck on both sides, most notably at the centers. Other common problems for the series include cleaning, dipping, and damaged surfaces, either recent or old. Finding a problem-free example with a sharp details is difficult and might require considerable patience.