Flowing Hair Half Dollar Mintage

The Flowing Hair Half Dollar was produced for only two years. On an overall basis, the mintages for this denomination were higher than the half dimes and silver dollars that carried the same design. However, on a historical basis and taking into account the survival rate, the number of existing problem-free specimens is quite small.

In 1794, there were 23,464 coins produced, with virtually the entire amount placed into circulation. The low mintage combined with the heavy circulation make uncirculated examples rarities.

Production would increase for the second year of issue, with a reported mintage of 299,680. At more than ten times the production level, the 1795 Flowing Hair Half Dollar generally provides a more affordable option for type collectors.

Across both years, the half dollars had a total mintage of 323,144 pieces. This compares to 86,416 half dimes and 162,053 silver dollars produced across the same two years.

Flowing Hair Half Dollar Mintages